McCombs-Wall Case: Integrating Solutions for LD Products

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In 2012, the all-variety office and printing supply company based out in Long Beach, LD Products, had a six-month time span to make a decision that would determine the future success of their operations. Aaron Leon, CEO of LD Products, needed to reinvigorate his company’s product fulfillment operations.

As an E-commerce business, order fulfillment and customer service are two of the highest priorities to manage for LD Products – both that are contingent on the accuracy, efficiency, and throughput of LD Products’ order handling and fulfillment system.

With a previous system that only had a series of S-curve conveyors and 55 employees manually picking to fulfill physical-paper orders, Aaron Leon and his Director of Warehouse Operations, Chris Ferrer, knew it would be impossible to keep up with their growing operation within their current system solution.

McCombs-Wall Inc. Engineering, with the conveyor manufacturing partner, worked with LD Products to integrate a fully-customized, tailored solution within LD Products new facility.

Starting from data first, McCombs-Wall gathered and analyzed all the information on LD Products’ current system, including their order flow trends, inventory sales, operation layout, and future growth.

Direct of Warehouse Operations Chris Ferrer said:

McCombs-Wall helped us realize the inefficiencies in our previous system. Amongst other things, there weren’t enough accumulation points. The crew was frantically picking orders at one end and waiting for the order flow to fix itself at the other end. Before, our previous layout would have easily shut down just under 150 orders being processed at one time.

From a 24,000 square foot processing plant to an 110,000 square foot fully in-house operation, McCombs-Wall was able to identify and analyze LD Product’s current and future operation plans to create a system solution using a variety of technology to work seamlessly together with a new conveyor system.

McCombs-Wall was on the ground with us throughout our new system-solution project. They weren’t trying to sell us on random solutions. McCombs-Wall strived to enhance our flow, not change it.

The new product fulfillment system fully incorporates McCombs-Wall’s InterSort WCS software, Pick-to-Light, and the A-frame dispensing units – among other solutions. LD Products’ fulfillment process was narrowed down to only five different zones for product fulfillment.

We were in total disbelief when McCombs-Wall told us that we can utilize the A-frame dispensing unit to reduce the work load in one zone. We went from having 16 people to 2 people for just the pick-to-process. The warehouse staff are freed to help within many different processes now, instead of only one.

Using gathered data, McCombs-Wall identified that 80% of LD Products’ orders came from 20% of their inventory. From this, McCombs-Wall was able integrate solutions like the A-frame dispensing unit to increase efficiency and performance of LD Products’ operations.

LD Products no longer used paper to track orders. With McCombs-Wall’s InterSort WCS software, Ferrer and his warehouse staff could easily handle all control and information of their new system-solutions. It became just a matter of trusting the system to operate for Ferror.

McCombs-Wall helped us build our trust and expertise within a system that we didn’t have prior knowledge of.  Their goal was not only integrate new solutions, but to expand our mind, to educate us on this new technology. They gave us years’ worth of experience to help us take ownership and control of our new system. We now run at an operating efficiency of 95% with 60% of the original labor costs.

Starting with data and collaboration to maximize on efficiency, precision, and safety, McCombs-Wall strives as a systems integrator to design and implement multifaceted material handling and product flow solutions that are tailored to the customer needs.

Contact McCombs-Wall to help create your integrated solution. Visit the McCombs-Wall Inc. Website for more information.


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